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Monday, December 31, 2007

2007 - Year In Review

Our Christmas season is nearing an end. We have one more family Christmas party and one office party left. I've had some time to unwind from all of the travel and Christmas fun and now it's time to get back to blogging. We have pretty much exhausted all the big stuff stops along the routes to either of our parents' homes. However, I can say that the pelican was once again dressed for the winter and the crow was decorated with a large "Seasons Greetings" wreath on it's pedestal.

To wrap up the year, here is a brief end of year review of the Big Stuff we have visited in 2007.

World's Largest Prairie ChickenWorld's Largest CrowTwineBall3Giant Green Adirondack Chair

May 12th - World's Largest Crow, Belgrade, MN
May 13th - World's Largest Twine Ball by 1 Man, Darwin, MN
May 13th - A Big Chicken, Delano, MN
June 3rd - Corn Gazebo, Olivia, MN
June 3rd - Big Cow, Bongards, MN
July 4th - World's Largest Coot, Ashby, MN
July 4th - Chief Wenonga, Battle Lake, MN
July 5th - World's Largest Prairie Chicken, Rothsay, MN
July 5th - Giant Canadian Goose, Fergus Falls, MN
August 28th - State Fair Gopher and Large Beef on Parade St. Paul, MN
October 13th - Chief Kandiyohi, Willmar, MN
October 20th - Giant Green Adirondack Chair, St. Paul, MN
November 24th - Giant Replica Runestone, Alexandria, MN

Chief "The Vulture" WenongaBig CowChief KandiyohiDelano chicken2

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