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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

World's Largest Crow

May 12th, 2007 - Belgrade, MN

World's Largest Crow

The wife and I headed back to our alma mater, the University of Minnesota - Morris, for her sister's graduation. It was an outdoor ceremony and it was hot, really hot, and the wind just couldn't find it's way through the buildings and trees for any relief. The last time we were at a graduation that hot was our own 3 years earlier, but that time it was hotter and we were dressed in black from head to toe.

After plenty of time baking and not really listening to a lot of speeches because I was too busy overheating, we took some pictures and headed to Brooten for dinner. Brooten is a town of about 600 people that inexplicably has fine dining and is the home of X-Bats. More importantly, Brooten is only about 7 miles from Belgrade and the World's Largest Crow.

After dinner we stopped at the crow on our way to her family's house in Willmar. The crow is perched on top of a 31 foot long branch, which is on top of a 25 foot tall cement pedestal. The total height is 43 feet. The crow is surrounded by a semi-circle wall made from 6,000 individually purchased bricks as well as flags from all 50 states and several European nations. The crow is located close to Crow Lake and near the Crow River.

Memorial Wall
The bricks of the wall surrounding the World's Largest Crow.

The details of this crow are incredible, but hard to capture on camera because of the height and it's very black paint and, in my case, the late evening light. Below is a picture that shows some of the detail.

World's Largest Crow

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