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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Giant Gopher and the Minnesota State Fair

August 28th, 2007 - St. Paul, MN


The Minnesota State Fair celebrates everything Minnesotans love including cheese curds,

Cheese Curds

food on a stick,

Hotdish On A Stick B&W

and big stuff. The mascots of the state fair are Fairchild and Fairweather, who are gophers (it is the Gopher State afterall). A giant Fairchild stands on top of an information booth on the fairgrounds. While we were at the fair, we happened to catch a parade. And what a parade it was! It had mascots, cute kids, a guy on this wheel contraption, and big stuff....on wheels!



Kids on Parade

Wacky Wheeler

Big Bull on Wheels

Big Holstein on Wheels

Big Bull on Wheels

On our way out we saw a giant frog made from trash. I didn't really read any of the stuff around it, but the message here is obvious. Recycle. Or face a future of giant mutant frogs roaming the Earth and destroying everything in their paths.

Recycle Frog

You can see all of my Minnesota State Fair pics here.

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