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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Bongards Cow

June 3rd, 2007 - Bongards, MN

Big Cow

About 12 miles west of the outermost Minneapolis suburbs on Highway 212 is the tiny town of Bongards. The town basically consists of Bongards' Creameries, a church, a house or two, and a giant holstein cow. The cow is directly across the street from the cheese store, as if you couldn't find it anyway.

There seems to be a number of cows exactly like this one scattered across Wisconsin, but this is the only one in Minnesota. The world's largest is Salem Sue in New Salem, ND.

Big Cow

Tip: Go sometime when the cheese store is open. We were there on a Sunday evening and it was closed. I'm willing to bet that they have tasty cheese.


Mykl Roventine said...

Nice. I had no idea this was so close! I'll have to check it out...

Josh said...

Yeah. It's about 12 miles west of Chaska and about 3 miles east of Norwood-Young America. Go south at the big Bongards Creameries sign. You can't miss it.

Kari said...

I've worked there for 4 years now I love it the cheese is amazing and were working on expansion and improving a few things

Josh said...

That's great to hear. It was too bad we were there on a Sunday evening. I think I've probably had some Bongards cheese from the grocery store, but you just can't beat cheese from the cheese store. By the way, this guy was our Christmas Card.

Nancy Drews said...

Was there a couple weeks ago. The store was open on a Saturday afternoon. Lots of good stuff to buy. My great grandmother was Anna Bongard whose father homesteaded there. Her Uncle was Herman Bongard who the area was named after, originally Bongards Station as the train stopped near his farm.