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Thursday, January 10, 2008

The Soundtrack: Minnesota

I decided to include some songs about (sometimes loosely) Minnesota. Here are a few that I like.

Minneapolis - by That Dog

A song by this now defunct Los Angeles indie band about a long distance relationship. The guy is from Minneapolis, she is not. I found a fan video posted on their MySpace page. They also drop the name of the Duluth indie band Low in the song.

Here is the direct link to the video.

Minnesota - by The Push Stars

A fun, upbeat song. The best audio I could find is this incomplete live radio clip. If you really want to hear the song for free and don't mind watching a photo slideshow of kids you don't know, you can search for it on Youtube. There is a senior video from some Catholic school that starts with this song.

Minnesota - by The Mountain Goats

I really like this song. Unfortunately, I can only find 30 second sound clips of it on sites like

Say Shh... - by Atmosphere

Minneapolis's Atmoshpere, masters of DIY indie hip-hop, "wanted to make a song about where they're from". Say Shh... is a tribute to Minneapolis, Minnesota, and the whole Midwest.

Here is a live video from a performance at First Avenue.

There is another one here and a decent fan video here, although he cut off the end of the song.

We Got As Far As Minnesota - by Kind of Like Spitting

All I have for this one is an Amazon sound clip. You can listen to other songs at his/their MySpace page.

Minnesota Moon - by The Big Wu

The Big Wu were a Minneapolis jam band. They have a live version of Minnesota Moon on their MySpace.

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