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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Giant Walleye - 1 of Many

March 19th, 2008 - Isle, MN

Giant Walleye

This giant walleye is prominently displayed in front of a bank on Main St. in "Downtown" Isle. Isle is a small town on Mille Lacs Lake, a haven for fishermen in summer and winter. Isle once claimed the title of "Walleye Capital of the World". This giant walleye once had a sign proudly boasting said title, as seen in the following photo from June, 2000. It's unknown to me what happened to the sign. It's also unclear whether or not Isle still makes this claim. It is clear that the landscaping has changed.

Photo by Tiffibunny.

The race for the walleye capital title has more candidates than this year's presidential campaign had, it seems. There are five Minnesota towns alone that have a hat in the ring, including cross-lake rival Garrison. The battle for walleye supremacy isn't nearly as contentious as the fight for the title of "Icebox of the Nation" was. Thankfully, the good guys won that one.

Tip: Mmmmmm......walleye.


Jean said...

Josh, thanks for the link. I really like your blog. Excellent work!

I grew up in the Mille Lacs area, and if I recall, the sign in front of the walleye disappeared when they remodeled and expanded the Isle bank where the walleye sits. Not sure why they got rid of it!

Best wishes in your continued pursuits!

Josh said...

Thanks, Jean. I thought the bank might be behind it.