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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Big Mean Fish

March 19th, 2008 - Isle, MN

Big Mean Muskie

If you are in Isle visiting the giant walleye at the bank and find yourself saying "I would really like to see more giant fiberglass fish like this one but with an angrier disposition and huge teeth," then you are in luck. Just head a mile north out of Isle on 47 to Johnson's Portside Bait and Liquor, it's your one stop shop. At Johnson's Portside you can get gas, food, bait (don't confuse those last two), liquor, shirts, fishing licenses, and real estate. Ok, the real estate is next door, but they share the same building.

Big Mean Walleye

There are two big mean fish here. The first is a big mean muskie and the second is a big mean walleye. Both are 20-feet long. And mean.


Unknown said...

Looks awesome!! I had the pleasure in building the walleye at F.A.S.T CORP. In Sparta Wisconsin. As an employee never get the chance to see our projects after the customer takes possession.

Josh Mattson said...