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Friday, September 21, 2007

Pierre the Voyageur

July 25th, 2006 - Two Harbors, MN

Pierre the Voyageur

Two Harbors is the city where the 3M company started and where sandpaper was invented, 3M's first product. But that's not why we're here. We're here because it is on the way to the Gunflint Lodge (which I highly recommend if you're looking for a northwoods vacation). We stopped here, however, to find some food and some big stuff.

As you first pull into Two Harbors on highway 61, you find an oversized rooster along the road in front of a gift shop. Stop. Take a picture. Everybody's doing it. Further along your way through town you will come across a giant french trapper named Pierre.

Pierre has seen better days. The infamous Minnesota winters have taken a toll on him. He once had working mechanical features in his face. He once was grasping a paddle in his right hand. He never, however, had pants. He probably regretted that decision once November rolled around.

Pierre is one in a number of voyageur statues in northern Minnesota. We've already met Big Louie and heard about Big Vic in Ranier. The cities of Cloquet, Crane Lake, and Pine City also have giant voyageurs.

Tip: If you have some time you can spend in Two Harbors, check out the harbor. You can check out the lighthouse and walk along the shores of Lake Superior. If you plan ahead, you can stay in the lighthouse at the Lighthouse Bed & Breakfast.

Two Harbors 10
Two Harbors 01

Another Tip: I have recently found out that there are a couple large chainsaw sculptures near Two Harbors. I don't know where exactly, but if you can find them you should check them out.


Mykl said...
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Mykl Roventine said...

Poor Pierre. I remember when he proudly guarded the hotel pop machine, wielding his mighty oar. We travel from Saint Paul to Grand Marais each summer and have watched his decline with sadness. At least he's still around.
The two chainsaw sculptures I know of are: a large voyageur in the northern end of the lighthouse parking lot; and a Native American head, also quite tall, next to the tourist information building just outside of town on hwy 61.