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Sunday, August 28, 2011

"World's Largest Walleye"

June 25th, 2011 - Rush City

"World's Largest Walleye"

The sign next to this giant fiberglass fish makes the claim that it is the world's largest walleye. It's not. Not even close. Rush City also makes the claim as the Walleye Capital of the World. According to Roadside America, there are several other cities that make this very claim.

This fish was allegedly caught in Rush Lake by Paul Bunyan. The fish allegedly weighed 1999 pounds and 15.5 ounces, just shy of a ton. Paul allegedly used a 62 foot white pine for a rod, a 3 ton logger's winch for a reel, and a 1 inch manila rope for his line. If you're wondering what kind of bait to use to catch a giant fiberglass walleye, Paul used a 35 pound tiger muskie... allegedly.


Logan Quinn said...

Willie the Walleye in Baudette, MN is larger than this one.

Josh Mattson said...

I know it is. Willie is about 3 times the size of this one.