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Monday, December 8, 2008

"Old Three Legs" Gets Makeover

So this isn't exactly Big Stuff, but it's a neat bit of history from my home county and the following report from Roadside America does a decent job of tying it into Big Stuff.

Makeover For Minnesota's Killer Wolf
December 8, 2008

For years a lone wolf nicknamed “Old Three Legs” worried the citizens of Detroit Lakes, Minnesota. He ate chickens, mostly, but some believed that he was a potential child-chewer, and his knack of not getting shot made him more fearsome. “Hunting parties of hundreds could not bring him down,” reads a lurid report on WDAY-TV, “his reign of terror still unmatched.”

(It’s no surprise that Old Three Legs hung around Detroit Lakes, if the nearby World’s Largest Turkey, Pelican, and Booming Prairie Chicken symbolize the local food supply.) continue reading....

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Doug at RoadsideAmerica said...

Hi Josh,

We appreciate you mentioning our story on MN's Killer Wolf. Could you do us a favor and edit your post down to just a paragraph or so, then link over to our story? Our full text story will continue to be available on, and an excerpt and link is Fair Use. Thanks!


Josh said...

Not a problem.

Anonymous said...

I read all of the story, his life seemed very interesting as a wolf. I'll have to see him in person if I get the chance.