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Monday, May 5, 2008

Map of Rhode Island Big Stuff

I decided to knock out a couple easy maps and what better place to start than the smallest state in the Union, Rhode Island. There isn't much for big stuff in Rhode Island, but they have made a huge contribution to the big stuff community. Rhode Island is home to Nibbles Woodaway, the World's Largest Termite. In fact, he is the world's largest bug.

Photo by stgermh.

Here's another angle of Nibbles.

Nibbles stands on top of New England Pest Control. You can find out more about him at their website,

Providence is home to Hasbro, the toy company who makes Mr. Potato Head. To honor the iconic toy line, a mass community arts project was launched where 37 oversized Potato Heads were distributed and customized by local artists and companies. At least a few are still around. Here is an article about it.

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Mykl Roventine said...

I grew up in RI and used to drive past this guy all the time. Thanks for giving the smallest state a little love!