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Saturday, April 5, 2008

Leaping Deer

March 19th, 2008 - Deerwood, MN

Giant Deer

Located on the east end of town right on Highway 210 is a large buck leaping over a log. It is approximatley 15-feet tall and 20-feet long. This is one of the more abstract big stuffs. On first look you may ask yourself, "Now why would they have a buck leaping over a log in Deerwood?" Bear with me while I try to explain this one, it's a little tricky. A buck is simply a male deer and a log is wood, so another way to look at it is a deer leaping over some wood. Deer + wood = Deerwood. I hope that was clear. It's a puzzle just as complex as the pelican by the rapids in Pelican Rapids or the three blackducks in Blackduck or the buck with a star in its antlers in Starbuck, this is a regular sized buck though.

According to my brother, the Deerwood deer was dressed in blaze orange during last year's deer hunting opener. Smart move.

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